Land Management


Land Management & Habitat Architecture Plans

Start off on the right foot with a comprehensive farm and land management plan. Land Management plans are vital to the future efficiency and effectiveness of any private/commercial land operation.  It's important to develop a plan to help manage any subsequent systems and practices on your farm. Using this "road map" will help you reach your conservation and land use goals, allowing you to maintain and/or utilize the resources of your land. Areas of focus: Comprehensive Site Plans, Resource Conservation Planning, Cost Sharing Programs, Recreational Properties, Small to Medium Scale Farming, Orchard & Vineyard Operations, and Family Farms.

Property_ManagementFarm Management & Property Maintenance

The Grow Co. provides high quality farm and property maintenance programs that can be scheduled as "full-time land management" or on an "as needed" basis. We'll save you time and hassle, keeping your property looking top of the line. Farm Services: Bush Hogging and Lawn Care, Fence Insallation, Maintenance and Repairs, Tree and Stump Removal, Invasive Plant Species Control, Integrated Pest Management, Seasonal Land Management, and the list goes on...



Wildlife Food Plots

The Grow Company has a firm belief that the establishment of effective wildlife food plots is a balancing act with what nature is providing. We view food plots as seasonal supplements of key minerals, proteins and vitamins to what nature and existing habitat forage inherently provide. With land clearing, soil prep, seed bedding and maintenance control measures that ensure proper growth of many targeted species, we can turn your unused back fields into high production plots.



Quality Deer Management

As certified QDMA managers, we will work with you to develop and improve your wildlife and/or habitat management program(s). Our focus is on monitoring herd populations and assessing available forage cycles (availability) throughout the year, ensuring proper nutrition to a well balanced herd carrying capacity.


charlottesville_farm_garden_fenceFarm Fencing & Gates

With fencing and gate designs suited for any need, let us do all the detailing and installation work for you. We offer ornamental and privacy style fences, as well as farm & pasture styles.





More Land & Farm Management Services:

Invasive Plant Species Controls

Trail System Installation & Maintenance

Soil Sampling & Remediation

Wildflower and Native Grass Meadows

Cost Sharing Programs

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