Landscape Design & Land Planning


Landscape Design & Land Planning

The Grow Co. consults on all matters of site improvement. We provide detailed recommendations on site locations, grading and drainage challenges, driveway alignment and road engineering, and overall site layout. We can work around existing built conditions and offer comprehensive site planning for those looking to build form scratch. As a gardening and landscape design company, our specialty is coming up with cohesive plans to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your property. Whether you are looking to improve a small, unplanted area around your home or would like a thoroughly crafted planting plan for your entire landscape, The Grow Co. has the design and construction experience to come up with appropriate solutions specific to your home or business.

Cottage_DrawingConstruction Documentation

With construction management services that coordinate and contract professionals of every trade, The Grow Co. works closely with it's clients to help improve the value, quality and productivity of their property. Our crews are highly skilled tradesmen & craftsmen who leave nothing to chance. Drafting Services: Site Surveys, Detailed Design Programs, Value Engineering, Stormwater Management, Construction Documents, Renderings & Models


Land Management Plans

"Think big. Start small"...  Start off on the right foot with a comprehensive farm and land management plan. Land Management plans are vital to the future efficiency and effectiveness of any private/commercial land operation. Areas of focus: Comprehensive Site Plans, Resource Conservation Planning, Cost Sharing Programs, Recreational Properties, Small to Medium Scale Farming, Orchard & Vineyard Operations, and Family Farms.


Pool Designs & Hardscapes

Our schematic and detailed design services will take you from "idea phase" to full on construction documentation. Areas of Focus: New Pools & Remodels, Driveway Design and Alignment, Custom Masonry Walls, Patios and Walkways, Landscape Lighting and Irrigation

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